photo for Instagrammable Pure Grenada

Instagrammable Pure Grenada

The atmosphere was electric with the spirit of celebration spurring thousands of spectators to their feet in camaraderie at the newly named Kirani James Athletics Stadium…

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photo for Free to Wonder

Free to Wonder

Pure Grenada is the place for extraordinary adventures in untouched, authentic surroundings where roadside cook-ups, waterfall and beach limes, friendly greetings, maroon gatherings and vibrant festivals are a way of life, charming the hearts of travellers.

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photo for A Foodie’s Paradise - Belmont Estate

A Foodie’s Paradise - Belmont Estate

The islands of the Caribbean are like zebra patterns; in the sea of repetitions lie variations and uniqueness that can only be discovered with an intentional perusal of the landscape.

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photo for 15 Questions with Monique Mills  from Making Waves Sailing

15 Questions with Monique Mills from Making Waves Sailing

I had the good fortune of meeting Monique Mills from Making Waves Sailing this month. She is a fellow Soul Adventurer, a sailor and a playful inspiring free spirit- a woman after my own heart.

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photo for Pure Grenada Music Festival

Pure Grenada Music Festival

In 2016 at the debut of the Pure Grenada Music festival we got serenaded by the soulful sound of Joss Stone…

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photo for Grenada Invitational 2017

Grenada Invitational 2017

If you love athletics and you love the Caribbean, Grenada Invitational is where you need to be on April 8th, 2017.

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photo for 30 Years of British Airways

30 Years of British Airways

In April, British Airways and Pure Grenada celebrated 30 years of great partnerships that allow our friends in the UK and Europe to fly to our tri-island state and experience the Spice of the Caribbean.

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photo for The Carenage Mural

The Carenage Mural

At Grenada Tourism Authority we understand that holiday snaps aren’t complete without a signature pose against a vibrant mural of some sort. Which is why we enlisted the talent of Grenadian artist Akym Pierre, to create a one-of-a-kind mosaic mural on our picturesque Carenage.

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