Sunset Sailing with Savvy

“This is the life.”  Those were the first words uttered by visiting journalist from Germany while on board.  Just to the left, a row of colorful fishing boats danced dreamily on the lagoon.  Further out, the vehicles seemed to move in slow motion as they passed along the winding road of the historic town of St. George.  The other side exuded a totally different feeling.  All you could see were elegant mega yachts, each portraying a persona of their own.  

As intriguing as the atmosphere was, all everyone could think of was what lay ahead.  It was 5pm at Grenada’s Port Louis Marina and four (4) lucky ladies were eagerly anticipating the adventure onboard the 43ft Carriacou sloop named Savvy.

“Can I offer anyone a drink?” asked Danny; owner of Savvy Sailing Tours.  The choices were all local Grenadian beverages ranging from rum punch, fruit juices, and beers.  Sweet reggae music echoed from a local radio station as the sloop headed further south towards the Grand Anse area, where the ladies could experience the beauty of Grenada from the coast.  The sunset acted as a guide and along the way they could spot popular Grenadian hotels, sheltered bays, lush green hills, and powdery white sand beaches. 

It was then he enlightened everyone on the history of the Carriacou sloop.  Originally owned by Peter deSavary, this unique boat has 10 times more space than yachts its size, catering to as much as 16 persons.  Synonymous with smuggling years ago, the sloop has even been featured in a recent film called Vanishing Sail; part of which was filmed on Grenada’s sister isle of Carriacou.

His stories about the island and the history of boat building were so enthralling that it was only when he began steering with his feet the ladies broke their silence.  They looked on in amazement as the other sailor, Walter navigated the sloop with ease against the winds.

Soon the sun went down and the city lights came on.  The water began to shimmer and the cool breeze caressed their skin.  Within two hours, Grenada projected a whole new aura – one that was authentic, pure and untouched.  It was in that moment everyone was silent, gazing at the island as though watching a movie.

No one could have imagined that sailing down Grenada’s southern coast aboard a Carriacou sloop could have been that pleasurable – this really is the life.

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