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Forts · Location: Grenada

Fort Matthew

St. George’s

From battle ground to insane asylum, Fort Matthew is a physical testimony of the conflict endured by the Grenadian people. This 1500 yard fort is the largest on the island and was named after the governor at the time, Governor Edward Matthew. The 18th century bathrooms and army kitchens, underground tunnels and cells are just a few of the intriguing features still found in its natural form.

Stand at one end of this captivating structure and you will see a mesmerizing view of the town of St. George; capturing the Melville Street Cruise Port, St. George’s University, the Carenage, and so much more.

Guided tours can be provided and the facility can also be utilized for private events through the Ministry of Tourism. To date, Fort Matthew still stands on Richmond Hill in the town of St. George with a history so rich, you can almost breathe it!